Monday, January 28, 2002

  • As Washington Paves the Way for An Attack On Somalia, Hollywood Joins Forces with Thepentagon to Transform the 1993 Invasion of Somalia in "Black Hawk Down"

    The New York Times is reporting that the majority of Americans support expanding the so-called war on terrorto Somalia. According to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll, more than 80 percent of the country favorsoperations in alleged al-Qaeda hideouts ­ even if those countries refuse to assist.

  • The Crackdown On Dissent in the Academy: Student Activist Summit Threatened By Columbiauniversity

    Several months ago, students around the country began planning a national activist and student mobilizationcounter-summit for this week, during the World Economic Forum in New York. Every year the WEF brings togetherhundreds of the world’s top business leaders and powerful politicians to shape the global agenda. The Forum usuallymeets in Davos, Switzerland, but this year shifted to New York, saying they wanted to show solidarity with the cityafter the September 11th attacks and boost the city’s economy. But Columbia students from the group Students forGlobal Justice were among those who say that the neo-liberal economic agenda is not the best way to heal New YorkCity. They decided to hold a counter-summit at Columbia, but only weeks before the scheduled conference, theUniversity changed its mind. While Columbia is now saying the students may hold the counter-summit, many see it as anexample of the escalating crackdown on academic freedom since September 11th.

  • Reading Between the Lines: The New Education Law Is a Victory for Bush &shy and for Hiscorporate Allies

    Vice President Dick Cheney announced yesterday that the Whitehouse was prepared to go to court to fight the releaseof documents demanded by Congress as part of the investigation into the Enron scandal. But the head of the GeneralAccounting Office disagrees and has vowed to file suit if the Whitehouse does not hand over the documents by the endof the week.

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