Friday, February 22, 2002

  • Journalist Daniel Pearl Confirmed Dead in Karachi, As Pentagon Launches Propaganda Campaign Overseas


    Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is dead. The news came yesterday afternoon as several U.S. officials and the Pakistani police confirmed that a videotape had been found showing scenes of Pearl’s murder. The tape was apparently delivered to Pakistani officials late Wednesday by someone posing as a journalist. It is currently being studied by local authorities and by FBI agents seeking to capture the kidnappers. While few additional details have been released, government officials have said that the undated videocassette contains graphic images of Pearl’s being stabbed, providing incontrovertible evidence of his death.

  • Howard Zinn on Terrorism, Global Security, and the Peace Movement in a Time of Endless War


    The United States ambassador for war crimes said yesterday that the Geneva Conventions are outdated and need to be rewritten to deal with the threat of international terrorism.

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