Wednesday, March 27, 2002

  • Raided: The FBI Descends On 14 North Virginia Groups Alleging Ties to So-Called Terrorists

    An ad-hoc group of Muslim organizations has accused the Bush administration of racial and religious harassment. Theyare citing the Justice Department’s call for more than 3,000 foreign nationals to submit to so-called "voluntary"interviews. They are also outraged that federal agents raided some 14 Muslim organizations and homes in WestVirginia and Georgia last week.

  • Arab Summit Lies in Ruins As Arafat Is Fenced in

    Arab leaders met in Beirut today to endorse a Saudi initiative for peace with Israel. But the summit has beenseverely damaged by the absence of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’sKing Abdullah II. Moamer Kadhafi of Libya and Saddam Hussein of Iraq are also absent. Israel banned PresidentArafat from attending the conference on Tuesday. Hours later, the Palestinian leader announced that he would notattend the summit because Israel had threatened to bar him from returning to Palestine. The leaders of Egypt andJordan soon announced they would not attend either.

  • Breaking the Hollywood Race Barrier: Did the 74th Annual Academy Awards Really Open Anydoors?

    Yesterday on Democracy Now! we began a long and sometimes heated discussion about race, representation, and theentertainment industry. The discussion came just a day Halle Berry became the first African American woman to earnan Academy Award for best actress. She won for her role in "Monster’s Ball", in which she played a grief-strickenmother who becomes involved with her husband’s racist executioner. Just minutes after her big win, Denzel Washingtonwon the award for best actor for his role as a corrupt LA cop in the movie "Training Day." It was only the secondtime in Oscar history that an African American man had won that award. The first was Sidney Poitier, who was alsohonored at this year’s Oscars for his brilliant and barrier-breaking career in film.

  • A Campaign Is Launched By Human Rights Organizations to Investigate the UN’s Role in Theannexation of West Papua New Guinea By Indonesia Nearly Four Decades Ago

    First the United States began pressuring Pakistan. Then it was the Philippines. Now it is Indonesia. According torecent articles in various newspapers, the US is trying to press Indonesia into closer cooperation with its so-calledwar on terror. In exchange, the Pentagon is pressing to end the embargo on military weapons sales to Indonesia. Thatembargo was achieved by human rights groups working throughout Indonesia to end the years of violence by the militaryregime.

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