Wednesday, March 6, 2002

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  • Hundreds of Poor People Storm the Heritage Foundation

    Hundreds of people from across the country stormed the headquarters of the ultra-conservative heritage foundationTuesday. In a surprise action, the group rushed past security, down hallways, and toward the main elevator bank,where they waylaid welfare policy analyst, Robert Rector. Rector is known for his controversial views on welfarerecipients ­ particularly his belief that it is an immoral "culture of poverty" that keeps people poor. But Tuesday,he came face to face with the people he has written about for so many years. Surrounded by single moms andlow-income dads, a visibly shaken Rector agreed to the group’s demands to spend two days walking in poverty’s shoes.As people shouted, "answer the question, answer the question," he also promised to invite his colleague Jason Turnerto join him on his visit to two low-income neighborhoods–one in rural America, the other in the inner-city. JasonTurner is the father of the New York and Wisconsin welfare "reform" programs.

  • Warplanes Bombard the Mountains of Eastern Afghanistan in What Is Being Described Bywashington As the Biggest Offensive Yet in the War Against Afghanistan

    U.S. Warplanes continue to strafe bomb the mountains of eastern Afghanistan in what is being described by Washingtonas the biggest offensive yet in the war against Afghanistan.

  • The U.S. Forms a Shadow Government of a Hundred, Living and Working Secretly Outsidewashington in Several Undisclosed Locations, Part II

    Tensions over the Bush administration’s sharing of information with Congress flared anew yesterday as the White Houseexcluded the House Democratic leader from a confidential briefing and Bush aides swapped charges with lawmakers aboutwho was told of White House contingency plans dealing with a hypothetical nuclear attack on Washington.

  • Voters Head to the Polls in Zimbabwe This Weekend: A Debate On the Explosive Presidentialelections in Zimbabwe

    This weekend, voters in Zimbabwe will head to the polls to vote in what has become an explosive presidentialcampaign. The incumbent President Robert Mugabe has been systematically sanctioned and condemned by both Washingtonand the European Union. They accuse him of leading a violent campaign against his opponent and attempting to fix theelections. Opposition officials say police have used new security laws to ban opposition rallies as "threats to thepublic safety," and on Monday, police broke up a meeting between foreign diplomats and opposition presidentialcandidate Morgan Tsvangirai, saying it was an illegal political gathering.

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