Wednesday, August 14, 2002

  • Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth

    Newsweek magazine reported this week that two men interviewed by the magazine gave plausible accounts of having seen Osama bin Laden alive last winter, one as late as mid-February. One, who is described as a former Taliban official said bin Laden escaped Afghanistan on horseback last December under U.S. fire. This is just the latest in dozens of reports on the man George W Bush once vowed he would bring to justice "dead or alive." Since Bush’s frequent and public vows to kill or capture bin Laden, U.S. officials have backed off and now say they don’t know whether he is dead or alive. As the one year anniversary of September 11 approaches, serious questions have been raised about what some call the Bush administration’s failure to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

  • Israel’s First Lady of Human Rights: A Conversation with Shulamit Aloni


    Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouthi appeared in Israeli court today on murder and terrorism charges. Before the trial began, Barghouthi held his handcuffed hands in the air and shouted to reporters in Hebrew, English and Arabic: "peace will be achieved by the end of the occupation. No peace, no security." We speak with Shulamit Aloni, former Knesset member who headed the Meretz Party.