Thursday, August 29, 2002

  • Global Warming Victims Sue US Banks for Illegally Funding Fossil Fuel Projects

    In an unprecedented legal action, environmental groups, ordinary citizens, and the City of Boulder, Colorado have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco on behalf of their members and citizens who are victims of global warming.

  • The Tiny Pacific Island State of Tuvalu Plans to Sue U.S. Government

    US citizens are not the only ones suing over global warming.

  • 'How 90 Peruvians Became the Latest Jewish Settlers'

    Israeli author Neri Livneh wrote in a recent article in the newspaper Haaretz:

    “In a prefab structure at a school in the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut, a few dozen people are sitting and singing a popular Hasidic song: "The whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is not to be afraid." They are singing with feeling, even though most of them don’t understand a word of the song. As is the custom in religious schools, the class is divided into a men’s section and a women’s section. The women are wearing hats and the men’s heads are covered by knitted skullcaps. The men and women alike have distinct South American Indian features.