Wednesday, November 12, 2003

  • Democracy Now! Hosts a Debate on the WTO Ruling Against GW’s Steel Tariffs


    The World Trade Organization ruled that the President Bush had broken international law by imposing tariffs on imported steel. We host a debate with the president of the Steel Manufacturers Association and a member of the Institute for International Economics. [Includes transcript]

  • Rep. Bernie Sanders, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and Watchdog Chuck Lewis Speaking From The National Conference on Media Reform


    This past weekend the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted the National Conference on Media Reform. Organizers expected about 200 people at the event — over 2,000 showed up.

    Within the past year, media reform has gone from being a sidelined, focus-group topic to the second most important issue in Congress following the war.

    The National Conference on Media Reform this weekend brought together labor, community, and media activists as well as FCC and Congress members for three days to consider ways to get the public more involved in debates over media policy.

    We play excerpts from the speeches given at the National Conference on Media Reform. We hear from Chuck Lewis, Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity, Rep. Bernie Sanders, Independent Congressman from Vermont, and FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. [includes transcript]