Tuesday, November 25, 2003

  • Privatizing Medicare? A Debate on the Controversial Medicare Drug Bill


    The Senate overcame two blocks to a massive Medicare overhaul to provide prescription drug coverage to seniors which introduces competition with private healthcare plans. We host a debate with the Mass. Senior Action Council and the AARP and we take a look at who will receive tax benefits from the bill.

  • TV Ownership Cap Raised After Congress Backs Down


    Congress backed down on its strong opposition to the new media ownership regulations of the FCC by agreeing to a compromise with the White House, raising the TV ownership cap from 35 to 39 percent. We speak with the Consumers Union Gene Kimmelman. [Includes transcript]

  • Bush Backers to Reap Energy, Medicare Bill Tax Benefits


    The Senate abandoned attempts to vote this year on a massive energy bill after Republican leaders refused to drop lawsuit protection for oil companies. We take a look at the energy bill’s environmental implications with the National Environmental Trust and speak with Public Citizen’s Congress Watch on who would receive tax benefits from the bill.

  • Will Anti Spam Bill Erode First Amendment Rights?


    The response to legislation aiming to limit the sending of unsolicited email has been mixed. While some praise the bill, critics charge it may actually encourage more spam while others say it could change the future of all email, not just spam. We speak the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. [Includes transcript]

  • Alexander Cockburn Speaks Out On Rupert Murdoch the Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Politics of Anti-Semitism


    Counterpunch editor and Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn joins us in our firehouse studios to talk about the media and his new book The Politics of Anti-Semitism [Includes transcript]