Monday, December 8, 2003

  • Saving President Bush: Send in James Baker


    When the President’s in trouble there is one man he turns to more than any other: James A. Baker III. He was Bush’s man during the Florida recount, he was in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia just months before the government fell. And as the Iraq situation worsens Bush has now named Baker as his de facto Secretary of State in Iraq. We speak with investigative journalist Greg Palast, author Dan Briody and editor Mark Ames.

  • U.S. Air Strike Kills 9 Children in Afghanistan


    Nine children were killed in southern Afghanistan when two U.S. warplanes fired rockets and bullets into a group of villagers sitting under a tree. The military claimed they were trying to assassinate a member of the Taliban. We speak with Women For Afghan Women’s Masuda Sultan who lost 19 members of her family in a U.S. attack two years ago.

  • "It Really Is Unclear Where The Air Force Begins And Boeing Ends"


    From Richard Perle to James Woolsey, deep ties between Boeing and Washington highlight the revolving door of the military industrial complex. Internal emails reveal Boeing attempted to win an $18B Air Force contract by hiring top Air Force officials, giving money to key Pentagon advisors and ghost-writing editorials.

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