Friday, August 15, 2003

  • The Blackout of 2003: Democracy Now! Broadcasts By Candlelight in NYC


    The nation’s largest blackout ever leaves tens of millions without power. The lights are out in New York City, Toronto, Cleveland, Ottawa, Detroit. Deregulation of the energy is cited by some as possible cause of the massive blackout. Democracy Now! broadcasts a blackout special powered by a gas generator. [Includes transcript]

  • Iraq: Protests Erupt in Basra Over Lack of Electricity


    We go to Baghdad to speak with Guardian reporter Jamie Wilson. He recently wrote an article titled "Basra simmers in the heat while tempers boil over" that looks at the constant blackouts in post-Hussein Iraq. He talks about how Iraqis understand all too well what New Yorkers are going through now. [Includes transcript]

  • George Monbiot: Climate Change Threatens the Future of Humanity, but we Refuse to Respond Rationally


    In the United States millions are without power. Europe is suffering from a record heat wave. In France, the government estimates up to 3,000 people may have died from conditions connected to the heat wave. We talk to George Monbiot on climate change. [Includes transcript]

  • The Democracy Now! Staff Talks About the Blackout of 2003


    A dozen members of the Democracy Now! staff made it into our Firehouse studios by foot, bike and taxi to produce the radio and tv show by candlelight. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman talks with the staff. [Includes transcript]