Thursday, August 21, 2003

  • Ex-Weather Underground Member Kathy Boudin Granted Parole


    After 22 years in jail, Boudin was granted parole yesterday. We talk to her son Chesa Boudin who was 14 months old when his parents were arrested; her attorney Leonard Weinglass; Jeff Jones, a founding member of the Weathermen and Norma Hill, who called for Boudin’s release even though she was a victim in the 1981 bank heist that led to Boudin’s arrest. We also play excerpts of the new documentary "Weather Underground." [Includes transcript]

  • FCC Head Michael Powell Backpedals & Announces Study on Local Media Ownership


    After hundreds of thousands of Americans sent letters opposing the FCC’s changes to the media ownership regulations, Powell is bowing to public opinion and rethinking the new rules. Among other things, he yesterday announced the FCC would begin licensing more low-power community FM stations. [Includes transcript]