Tuesday, September 16, 2003

  • Cheney Justifies Invasion Of Iraq In First Televised Interview in Six Months


    In attempting to sell the reasons for the war against Baghdad, Vice President Dick Cheney repeats many allegations about Iraq that have been proven false over the past two years. We spend the hour dissecting some of Cheney’s statements in his interview with Tim Russert on NBC’s "Meet the Press."

  • Cheney Claims Again Iraq Tried To Acquire Uranium From Niger


    We talk to Joseph Wilson, the former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq who traveled to Niger on a CIA-sponsored trip and found no link between Iraq and Niger. Wilson also talks about who in the Bush administration illegally outted his wife to be an alleged covert CIA operative. [Includes transcript]

  • Cheney Claims No Knowledge That White House Helped Evacuate 24 Members of the Bin Laden Family Days After 9/11


    Retired chief White House aide Richard Clarke revealed that top White House officials approved the evacuation of 140 influential Saudis, including relatives of Osama Bin Laden, days after the Sept. 11 attacks at a time when all commercial and private flights were grounded. We speak with Vanity Fair reporter Craig Unger who broke the story.

  • Cheney Suggests Iraq Is Linked To ’93 WTC Bombing Through Wanted Iraqi-American


    Abdul Rahman Yasin is an Iraqi American that Cheney claims is proof of a link between Iraq and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. There is a $25 million price on his head. But when Saddam Hussein offered to hand him over, the Bush Administration said no. We speak with Yasin’s lawyer. [Includes transcript]

  • Cheney Reasserts Already Debunked Atta–Iraq Connection


    Czech intelligence officials said they had a report shortly after 9/11 that Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence official in April 2001. U.S. media reports, the FBI and the CIA subsequently revealed that the report was unsubstantiated. We speak with New York Times reporter Chris Hedges. [Includes transcript]

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