Tuesday, January 20, 2004

  • Kerry Wins Iowa, Edwards Second, Dean Places A Distant Third


    In what’s being called "one of the biggest turnabouts in modern electoral history" Senator John Kerry wins Iowa Caucus. Edwards catapults to second. Dean falls from front-runner to third. Richard Gephardt drops out after finishing fourth. We go to Iowa and New Hampshire. [includes transcript]

  • Arundhati Roy Addresses Tens of Thousands At World Social Forum Opening in Bombay


    Tens of thousands of people gathered at the opening of the six-day annual World Social Forum in Bombay, India this weekend. Award-winning author Arundhati Roy was among the speakers in the first three days of the forum, we play an excerpt of her address. [includes transcript]

  • Scalia, Cheney Duck Hunting Trip Raises Doubts About Impartiality in Supreme Court Case


    Justice Antonin Scalia has not indicated whether he will pull out of an upcoming Supreme Court case involving Vice President Dick Cheney and his handling of the administration’s energy task force following reports the two recently went on a hunting trip together. [includes transcript]

  • Bush Installs Judge Pickering in Recess Appointment


    President Bush used his recess appointing power to install Mississippi judge Charles Pickering to a federal appeals court after Democratic Senators blocked his nomination in October. Pickering’s critics say he backed laws barring interracial marriage and had ties to segregationist groups. [includes transcript]

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