Monday, January 26, 2004

  • EXCLUSIVE: DEMOCRACY NOW! Confronts Wesley Clark Over His Bombing Of Civilians, Use Of Cluster Bombs And Depleted Uranium And The Bombing Of Serb Television


    In a Democracy Now! exclusive, General Wesley Clark responds for the first time to in-depth questions about his targeting of civilian infrastructure in Yugoslavia, his bombing of Radio Television Serbia, the use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium, the speeding-up of the cockpit video of a bombing of a passenger train to make it appear as though it was an accident and other decisions he made and orders he gave as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

  • Democracy Now! Travels Around New Hampshire Speaking To Candidates and Voters


    Democracy Now! traveled to New Hampshire Saturday and spent the weekend criss-crossing the state from Portsmouth to Nashua, Manchester to Concord.

    With the nation’s first primary just days away, people from across New Hampshire and the country braved bitter cold weekend temperatures and took to the streets in towns and cities across New Hampshire to lend support to their candidate of choice.

    Voters held up signs, gave loud whoops of encouragement to passing cars and dominated speaking events and rallies.

    We spoke with some of Gen. Wesley Clark’s supporters awaiting his arrival at a planned rally in Portsmouth and we heard from Howard Dean supporters who crowded the streets outside the event.

    The Democracy Now! team then piled into cars and drove to the neighboring New Hampshire town of Nashua where we met with one of the Democratic presidential candidates–Rep. Dennis Kucinich. We sat down to a half-hour long interview with Congressman Kucinich in his hotel room. He spoke about his campaign, the invasion and occupation of Iraq, corporate media, and much more.

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich, along with all the other Democratic presidential candidates–except the Rev. Al Sharpton–accepted the invitations to speak to the 100 Club dinner in the Sheraton hotel in Nashua. We raced over to the Sheraton where more than a thousand people packed into a ballroom to hear the candidates’ speak. We play excerpts from Howard Dean and Senator Joseph Lieberman.

    On Sunday, we drove again to Nashua to hear Senators John Kerry and John Edwards–who came in first and second in the Iowa caucuses–address packed crowds at separate rallies in the town. [includes transcript]

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