Tuesday, October 19, 2004

  • The Forgotten Coup: Violence Erupts in Haiti, Activists and Political Leaders Arrested


    Political violence leaves scores of people dead in Haiti as activists and top Lavalas leaders are arrested. We speak with Rep. Maxine Waters and we go to Haiti to hear from Bill Quigley, lawyer for Father Gerard Jean-Juste who was arrested last week and Miami to hear from Haitian community activist Lucie Tondreau. [includes rush transcript]

  • Election 2004: Intimidation, Harassment and Suppression of Voters


    As early voting for the presidential election begins in Florida, we take a look at intimidation and suppression of voters in Florida and around the country. [includes rush transcript]

  • GOP Pressures Rock the Vote to Stop Talking About the Draft


    Last week GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie sent an extraordinary letter to the group Rock the Vote requesting that it "cease and desist" from promoting its campaign warning young voters that the government may reinstate the draft. Gillespie threatened to take legal action and said the group’s non-profit status could be in jeopardy. [includes rush transcript]

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