Thursday, November 11, 2004

  • Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat 1929-2004: From Guerilla Fighter to Nobel Prize Winner


    Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died overnight in a Paris military hospital ending his 40-year struggle for statehood for the Palestinian people. Arafat was one of the most recognizable figures on the world stage; a man who rose from a guerilla icon to a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat named no successor and his death brings with it what many observers believe will be a fierce fight over who will take charge of the struggle Arafat led for 4 decades. When word of Arafat’s death was announced shortly after 4:30 am, thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza and other cities to mourn. [includes rush transcript]

  • Fmr. Asst. UN Secretary General Hans Von Sponeck on Iraq and Palestine


    Hans Von Sponeck, the former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, joins us in our firehouse studio to discuss the situation in Iraq and Palestine. In the late 1990s, Von Sponeck was the coordinator of the United Nations Humanitarian Mission in Iraq. [includes rush transcript]

  • Israel Re-Arrests Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu


    Israeli police re-arrested nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu seven months after he was released from an 18-year jail term for leaking secrets about Israel’s nuclear program. He was arrested for allegedly passing on classified information to unnamed international parties. [includes rush transcript]

  • Gonzales Nominated as Attorney General: "Bush Took His Personal Lawyer and Made Him Lawyer to the Nation"


    President Bush has nominated White House counsel Alberto Gonzales to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general. We take a look at Gonzales’ record with Karen Greenberg New York University School of Law and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). [includes rush transcript]