Friday, November 12, 2004

  • The Funeral of Yasser Arafat: World Leaders Pay Respects in Cairo, Tens of Thousands Attend Ramallah Burial


    The funeral of Yasser Arafat is underway. A private state funeral was held in Cairo as kings, presidents and heads of state paid their respects to the lifelong Palestinian leader. A helicopter then flew Arafat’s body to the West Bank to be buried at his compound in Ramallah where he was confined in his final years. Tens of thousands of Palestinian mourners swarmed the coffin as it was carried to the burial site. We go to Cairo to speak with an Egyptian reporter on the ground, to the West Bank to hear from an independent reporter attending the funeral in Ramallah and to Gaza to speak with veteran politician and political leader Haider Abdel Shafi and we speak with scholar Phyllis Bennis. [includes rush transcript]

  • Iraq on Fire: Resistance Spreads as the Fallujah Death Toll Rises


    As the US siege of the Iraqi city of Fallujah continues, Iraqi resistance fighters are stepping up their campaign against the US occupation across Iraq. We go to Baghdad to speak with Dahr Jamail, one of the few independent reporters in Iraq. [includes rush transcript]

  • U.S. Army Veteran Sues Over "Back-Door Draft" Recall to Active Duty


    Former U.S. Army soldier David Miyasato filed a lawsuit seeking to restrain the Army from involuntarily recalling him to active duty. On the eve of Veterans Day, he received word that the Army has revoked its order. We speak with David Miyasato and his attorney, Eric Seitz. [includes rush transcript]

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