Wednesday, November 3, 2004

  • Democracy Now! Special Broadcast: Reaction to John Kerry’s Concession and the Reelection of George W Bush

    In this special two and a half-hour broadcast we go around the country and the world to get a reaction to John Kerry’s concession and the reelection of George W Bush. We speak with Howard Zinn, Phyllis Bennis, Leslie Cagan, Julian Bond, Mahdi Bray, Michael Ratner, Rahul Mahajan, Mustafa Barghouti, Paul Reickoff, Norman Solomon and much more.

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  • The Morning After: Ohio As Ground Zero


    After one of the highest voter turnouts in U.S. history, the country and the world still do not know who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years. While Republicans are convinced they won the vote, Democrats will not concede the election. The state of Ohio has become Ground Zero while Americans wait for provisional ballots to be counted. [includes rush transcript]

  • Nader Blasts Two-Party System


    Ralph Nader ended his latest presidential bid yesterday with a fraction of the votes he won four years ago. We hear an excerpt of an address by the independent presidential candidate. [includes rush transcript]

  • Election 2004 and the Impact on the World


    As millions of Americans wait to see who will ultimately emerge as president for the next four years, this election is being followed closely by billions of people across the world who also have a lot at stake in this election. We speak with independent journalist Rahul Mahajan about the 2004 election and the impact on the world. [includes rush transcript]

  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the Showdown in Ohio: "Hoping for a Miracle Here"


    As Ohio becomes Ground Zero in the 2004 election, we speak with Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich about the race for the presidency, John Kerry’s campaign and ballot counting in his home state. [includes rush transcript]

  • George McGovern on Daschle’s Defeat in South Dakota and the Politics of War


    As all eyes focus on the presidential election, we take a look at what many consider the second most important contest of 2004: South Dakota and the Senate race between Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle and Republican John Thune. We speak with an American political legend: former Senator and Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. [includes rush transcript]

  • Election 2004: Shoplifting the Presidency?


    We speak with investigative reporter Greg Palast and Barbara Arnwine of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law about voting problems in Florida, Ohio and New Mexico. [includes rush transcript]