Friday, February 6, 2004

  • Dean Talks to Democracy Now! on War, His Future, the Media & Washington Insiders


    Presidential candidate Howard Dean speaks to us from Wisconsin, the state where he admitted yesterday he must win in order to keep running. Although he raised over $40 million in fundraising, Dean’s campaign is faltering after he failed to finish better than second in the first seven races. [includes transcript]

  • CIA’s Tenet: Iraq Posed No Imminent Threat; Hunt for WMD Must Go On


    Former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman and Mother Jones reporter Robert Dreyfuss discuss George Tenet’s speech and examine the role of the Pentagon’s secretive Office of Special Plans in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. [includes transcript]

  • NYPD Pays $27M to Black & Latino Officers To Settle Discrimination Suit


    A groundbreaking settlement has been reached in a 1999 lawsuit in which nearly four-dozen cops argued that their working conditions were hostile; that they were more severely punished than white officers in cases of disciplinary action; and they faced retaliation if they challenged their treatment.