Friday, March 19, 2004



    On the first anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Democracy Now! spends the hour looking at a war that was carried out over the objections of most of the world’s nations and people. We hear from an Iraqi in Baghdad, U.S. soldiers back from Iraq, journalist Christian Parenti and from protesters across the globe.

  • Thousands March in Baghdad to Protest U.S. Occupation


    Thousands protest in the streets of Baghdad to mark the first anniversary of the U.S. occupation of their country. We go to Iraq to get a report from the ground. [includes transcript]

  • One Year Later: An Iraqi Speaks From Baghdad


    As the bombs were falling on Baghdad a year ago, retired engineer Ghazwan al-Mukhtar told Democracy Now! "UK/USA means to me United to Kill Us All." On the first anniversary of "Shock and Awe", Ghazwan joins us from Baghdad for a look back at a year under US occupation. [includes transcript]

  • Soldiers Say No To War: An Active Duty Soldier & Marine Veteran Speak Out Against the Invasion


    In a Democracy Now! exclusive, a 21-year-old soldier talks about his last 10 months in Iraq and why he believes the war is being fought for the profit of Halliburton and not the liberation of Iraqis. We also speak to a Marine who entered Iraq a year ago as an artilleryman. To mark the war’s first anniversary he plans to protest outside Fort Bragg.

  • Christian Parenti On the "Ongoing Despotism" in Iraq and Why Jim Lehrer Apologized For Parenti’s Comments


    Journalist Christian Parenti was embedded with US troops and the Iraqi resistance in Iraq. We’ll hear his story and we’ll look at why Jim Lehrer of PBS’s Newshour issued an apology to his viewers for comments Parenti made on his show. [includes transcript]

  • Global Protests: One Year Later the World Still Says No to War


    To mark the anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq people in cities and countries around the world will take to the streets in protest. We hear what actions will be taking place from protest organizers in New York, New Mexico, San Francisco, Chicago, London and Spain. [include transcript]