Tuesday, April 27, 2004

  • The Battle for Fallujah Intesifies; U.S. Poised to Attack Najaf


    The daily carnage in Iraq continued across Iraq yesterday. Eight Iraqis and one U.S. soldier were killed in clashes in Fallujah, two U.S. soldiers and one Iraqi were killed in Baghdad and 43 Iraqis were killed in Najaf. We go to Najaf to get a report from a peace activist acting as a human shield and we speak with author Rahul Mahajan about Fallujah. [includes rush transcript]

  • Congress Probes INC’s Lobbying Efforts


    The Iraqi National Congress of Ahmed Chalabi may have violated restrictions against using taxpayer money to lobby when it campaigned for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The Congress’ General Accounting Office will investigate the allegation, which if proven true, means that U.S. taxpayers paid to have themselves persuaded that it was necessary to invade Iraq. [includes rush transcript]

  • Poll: U.S. Public Uninformed of Iraq Issues


    A new poll has found that 45% of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of Iraq and 57% believe Hussein gave substantial support to Al Qaeda despite no known documentary or physical evidence to date that these statements are true. [includes rush transcript]

  • Death Squad Ambassador: Senate Hearings Begin on Negroponte Iraq Appointment


    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding hearings today on John Negroponte’s appointment to the Baghdad embassy. Negroponte’s reputation as ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985 earned him a reputation for supporting widespread human rights abuses and campaigns of terror. [includes rush transcript]

  • Killer Coke: Activist Disrupts Coca Cola Shareholders Meeting


    At Coke’s annual shareholders’ meeting, labor rights activist Ray Rogers, confronted Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Douglas Daft, citing the murder of two union leaders who filed suit in a federal court in Florida, alleging Coke contracted with paramilitary death squads to torture, kidnap, and murder union leaders at its bottling plants in Colombia. Rogers joins us in our firehouse studio. [includes rush transcript]

  • Colombia and the United States: War, Terrorism, and Destabilization


    We speak with longtime journalist Mario Murrillo about his new book, Colombia and the United States: War, Terrorism and Destablization Murrillo teaches media and communications and is co-host of Wake-Up Call on the Pacifica radio station WBAI in New York. [includes rush transcript]

  • NBC Recognizes 107th Birthday of Amy Goodman’s Grandmother Sonia Bock


    Amy Goodman’s grandmother Sonia Bock turned 107 years-old this month. NBC recognized her today in its popular centenarian birthday segment. Happy Birthday Sonia, from the entire crew at Democracy Now!

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