Friday, April 9, 2004

  • Rice Defends Bush, Says White House Couldn’t Have Done More to Avoid 9/11


    After weeks of stonewalling, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice testified in public and under oath Thursday before the bi-partisan panel of ex-government officials investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. Democracy Now! hosts a roundtable discussion on her testimony with two former-CIA analysts, two FBI whistleblowers and a 9/11 widow.

  • Two Ex-CIA Analysts Blast Bush Administration on 9/11


    Ray McGovern, a 27-year career analyst with the CIA who was one of Vice President George Bush daily briefer says Rice’s testimony and the events surrounding it have "the very strong odor of the most accomplished PR machine in White House history." Former CIA and State Department analyst Mel Goodman says the staff studies of the commission, which were released the same day as Richard Clarke’s testimony and were largely ignored, "make it clear that there was reduced urgency within the Bush administration" on 9/11.

  • Two FBI Whistleblowers Accuse Bureau of Ignoring Warnings Before 9/11


    We speak with FBI agent Coleen Rowley, who accused FBI headquarters in 2002 of hampering the investigation into alleged 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui and former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds who was hired shortly after 9/11 to translate intelligence related to the attacks and says the FBI had information that an attack using airplanes was being planned before Sept. 11, 2001. Rowley reveals one of her fellow FBI agents contacted FBI HQ before Sept. 11 and said Moussaoui was the type that might try to fly a plane into the World Trade Center. [includes rush transcript]

  • 9/11 Widow Blames White House for Mishandling 9/11 Threat and Hampering Investigation


    Monica Gabrielle, who lost her husband Richard in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, criticizes the Bush administration for mishandling intelligence prior to 9/11 and hampering the 9/11 investigation. [includes rush transcript]

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