Friday, May 7, 2004

  • Iraqis Liken U.S. Occupation to Saddam Hussein Regime


    As the number of disturbing photos coming out of Abu Ghraib continues to multiply, Aaron Glantz of Free Speech Radio News speaks with families protesting outside the gates of the notorious Iraqi prison. [includes rush transcript]

  • Rep McDermott On White House Secrecy, Kerry’s Lean to the Right and Why Rumsfeld Should Resign


    We speak with Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott about why he is calling for Rumsfled’s resignation: "If [the Bush administration] doesn’t change the team, they won’t change the approach they’re using towards Iraq, which is disastrous;" the lack of accountability and culture of secrecy in the White House: "Secrecy is a very slippery slide in a democracy;" supporting Kerry’s presidential bid and much more. [includes rush transcript]

  • Chomsky Blasts Negroponte Appointment to Iraq Embassy


    The Senate voted 95 to 3 Thursday to approve UN ambassador John Negroponte as the head of the new US embassy in Iraq. We hear MIT professor Noam Chomsky discussing Negroponte’s role in supporting widespread campaigns of terror and human rights abuses as ambassador to Honduras. [includes rush transcript]

  • Campaign for Regime Change: Bush Tightens Cuba Embargo


    President Bush agreed to give Cuban dissidents seeking to get rid of President Fidel Castro $36 million more in funding and plans to launch psychological operations using EC-130 aircraft. He also announced new measures against Cuba in an effort to decrease the number of Americans traveling to the island. [includes rush transcript]