Tuesday, June 1, 2004

  • Saudi Attack Kills 22 Mostly Foreign Oil Workers, Sends Oil Prices Soaring


    Militants killed 22 people in the Saudi Arabian city of Khobar this weekend and held at least 40 more hostage in an upscale housing complex mainly populated by foreigners working in the oil industry. We speak with political science professor and Middle East expert As’ad AbuKhalil.

  • Ex-Baathist With Ties to the CIA and Saudi Intelligence Picked To Be New Iraqi Prime Minister


    The Iraqi Governing Council was dissolved today as a newly selected Iraqi government emerged comprising many key members of the Council including Ayad Allawi who will become prime minister. Andrew Cockburn talks about Allawi’s ties to the old Baathist regime, the CIA, MI6, Saudi intelligence and how Allawi claims that Iraq had WMDs and ties to Al Qaeda. [includes rush transcript]

  • Rick MacArthur and Scott Ritter On The Lies of Our Times


    While The New York Times published a long overdue apology about its Iraq war coverage, many observers say the confession was too little, too late. We speak with Harper’ s publisher Rick MacArthur and former UN weapons inspector about the Times coverage. [includes rush transcript]