Wednesday, June 16, 2004

  • The Red Cross on Saddam Hussein, POWs in Iraq and Torture at Abu Ghraib


    We go to Baghdad to speak with Nada Doumani, spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross about the latest on the debate over what will happen to Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi POWs after the June 30 so-called handover of power.

  • Should President Bush Be Impeached?


    Attorney John Bonifaz argues the president has commited high crimes by lying to the American public and Congress about Iraq in the lead-up to the invasion. He makes his case in the new book "Warrior-King: The Case For Impeaching George W. Bush." [Includes transcript]

  • From Paintball Practice to Prison: A Look At One of The Most Controversial Terrorism Cases in the Country


    In Virginia, a judge sentenced three men to prison Tuesday, including one to life and another to 85 years, on terrorism charges connected to a game of paintball. But the sentence is coming under intense criticism — from the judge herself who described the sentence as "appalling" and "Draconian." We talk to one of the defendant’s attorneys who says the ruling marks "the greatest miscarriage of justice of any case" he has ever seen. [Includes transcript]

  • Jury Acquits Idaho Webmaster Charged With Terrorism For Hosting Anti-American Websites


    Attorney David Cole examines a recent court ruling that he says marks one of the biggest defeats for the Justice Department regarding the Patriot Act to date. A Saudi graduate student was jailed for over a year and a half for designing websites that linked to sites with terror ties. Cole asks, could the New York Times be charged for linking to sites with terror ties?