Monday, June 21, 2004

  • Battleground State: Wisconsin, Welfare and the Poor


    Wisconsin Senator Gwen Moore joins us to discuss welfare and the poor. Moore is currently running for Congress in Milwaukee where, she says, the gap in socio-economic status between White and Black citizens is among the highest in the nation.[includes transcript]

  • Race and the Presidential Elections


    We speak with George Martin, co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party which plans to hold its national convention in Milwaukee this week and Robert Miranda who recently ran for city council in Milwaukee and is Editor in Chief of The Milwaukee Spanish Journal, a bilingual weekly newspaper.[includes transcript]

  • Bush vs. Cuba: The Quiet War


    On June 30, the Bush administration’s newest adjustments to the blockade against Cuba go into effect. To discuss these latest sanctions we are joined by Art Heitzer, a Milwaukee-based attorney who currently chairs the National Lawyer’s Guild’s Cuba Subcommittee and represents people who break the US travel ban on Cuba.[includes transcript]

  • The Last Socialist Mayor


    We speak with Frank Zeidler, the Mayor of Milwaukee from 1948-1960. He was the last in a string of 12 socialist mayors and was re-elected twice during the McCarthy era. In 1976, he was the Socialist Party candidate for president of the U.S. [includes transcript]