Wednesday, June 23, 2004

  • To Nader or Not to Nader?: A Green Party Debate


    The Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer will be little more than coronation ceremonies. But the Green Party convention, which kicks off today in Milwaukee, promises drama as delegates debate whether to support independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. We host a debate between Nader’s running mate Peter Camejo and the leading Green Party candidate David Cobb.

  • Rap on Politics: First National Hip-Hop Convention Calls for Change


    The first-ever National Hip-Hop Political Convention came to a close last Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. The four-day gathering was attended by activists, elected officials, political pundits and hip-hop artists from all over the country. We hear a speech by New York City council member Charles Barron.[includes transcript]

  • Sudan Facing Worst Humanitarian Disaster in the World


    Tens of thousands of black Africans have been slaughtered and some one million have fled their homes in Sudan’s western Darfur region after attacks by Arab militias armed by the Sudanese government. We speak with independent journalist Julie Flint who recently published a report on Sudan for Human Rights Watch and we go to Darfur to speak with UNICEF worker James Elder.[includes transcript]

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