Thursday, July 8, 2004

  • John Edwards: From Trial Lawyer to NC Senator to Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate


    As John Edwards kicks off his campaign for 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate we take an in-depth look at the life of the North Carolina senator with Raleigh News and Observer correspondent Rob Christensen on the campaign trail with Edwards and Boston Globe reporter, Patrick Healy. [includes rush transcript]

  • Kenny Boy Surrenders to FBI Following Grand Jury Indictment


    Former Enron chief Kenneth Lay–one of President Bush’s closest Texas allies and a Bush pioneer–is indicted for his role in the collapse of the energy giant and led away in handcuffs. We speak with journalist and author Robert Bryce and Russell Mokhiber of Corporate Crime reporter about the political dimensions of Ken Lay, Enron and the White House. [includes rush transcript]

  • Art or Terrorism? Buffalo Professor Faces 20 Yrs For Biotech Art


    Buffalo art professor Steve Kurtz and Pittsburgh professor Robert Ferrell face 20 years in prison on mail and wire fraud charges after the FBI found harmless bacteria used in art displays in Kurtz’s apartment.

  • Grassroots San Antonio Community Protects Water Aquifer From Big Business Golf Development Project


    We take a look at how community leaders in San Antonio, Texas launched a massive grassroots campaign against local politicians and the business elite to defeat a luxury golf course and housing development project over one the country’s largest and most pristine sources of water. And we take a look at a new documentary that examines the privatization of water around the world.

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