Friday, August 20, 2004

  • Doctor Faces Life Imprisonment for Violating Iraq Sanctions


    An Iraqi-American doctor faces life in prison for violating economic sanctions against Iraq. He has spent the last year and a half in prison awaiting trial and has been denied bail six times. He is believed to the only U.S. citizen ever to be held in prison for violating the sanctions. We speak with his friend and a community activist as well as Voices in the Wilderness founder Kathy Kelly. [includes rush transcript]

  • White House-Backed Charter Schools Lag Behind Public Schools


    A new study buried by the Bush administration finds that children attending charter schools score lower on standardized tests than students at regular public schools. We host a debate on charter schools and the No Child Left Behind Act. [includes rush transcript]

  • Study Shows Racial Disparity in Healthcare


    A new study finds that doctors who treat African American patients are less likely to be board certified and less able to refer patients to specialists than doctors who treat white patients. We speak with the author of the study as well as a doctor representing African American physicians. [includes rush transcript]