Tuesday, September 21, 2004

  • Kerry and Bush Square Off on Iraq


    With six weeks remaining until Election Day, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry launched what is being called his most definitive statement yet on President Bush’s war in Iraq. Shortly after Kerry’s speech, Bush responded to his opponent’s comments. [includes rush transcript]

  • Killing the Messenger: Who Gave Rather the Memos and Why


    As Dan Rather apologizes for documents used in a story about President Bush’s National Guard service, the Republicans charge that it’s a Democratic conspiracy but most agree the scandal only helps George W. Bush. We speak with veteran Texas journalist Jim Moore. [includes rush transcript]

  • What if Iraq Media Coverage was Scrutinized Like CBS Documents?


    What if the model being used to dissect Dan Rather and CBS News was applied to all of the corporate media for their coverage in the build up to the invasion of Iraq? We speak with Harper’s publisher Rick MacArthur who says "there would have been no war." [includes rush transcript]

  • Taking Back the Airwaves: Community Station KGNU Buys Commercial Denver Signal


    Bucking a national wave of media consolidation by large corporations, Boulder community radio station KGNU reached terms to buy Denver AM radio signal KJME, offering metro Denver listeners independent news and diverse music currently unavailable in Denver. [includes rush transcript]