Monday, January 10, 2005

  • Ali Abunimah: Palestinian Elections "Taking Place Under Continued Heel of Israel’s Military Tyranny"


    Mahmoud Abbas has claimed victory in the Palestinian presidential elections this weekend. We speak with Ali Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada, who says, "Many Palestinians fear this is another setup so when the inevitable failure brought about by Israeli intransigence occurs, this will be another opportunity to blame the Palestinians, and accuse them of missing an opportunity once again." [includes rush transcript]

  • Historic Sudan Peace Accord Marred by Ongoing Violence in Darfur


    The Sudanese government and southern rebel groups signed a comprehensive peace agreement Sunday, ending Africa’s longest-running civil war. The treaty did not cover a separate conflict in the western Darfur region, which has left some 70,000 people dead and 2 million displaced. We speak with Salih Booker of Africa Action. [includes rush transcript]

  • Is the U.S. Organizing Salvador-Style Death Squads in Iraq?


    According to Newsweek, the U.S. government is considering "The Salvador Option"–setting up assassination squads to target leaders of the Iraqi resistance. We speak with journalist and activist Allan Nairn whose 1984 article in The Progressive Magazine titled "Behind the Death Squads" exposed the CIA’s backing of El Salvador death squads and led to an investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee. [includes rush transcript]

  • Indonesia Flies al Qaeda-Linked Groups into Aceh


    As Jakarta seeks U.S. military aid on the grounds of fighting terrorism, the Indonesian military is now bringing al Qaeda-linked groups into Aceh, ostensibly to help with tsunami relief. [includes rush transcript]

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