Tuesday, January 25, 2005

  • The Hidden Passages in Bush’s Inaugural Address


    We speak with Matt Rothschild of The Progressive Magazine who analyzes President Bush’s second inaugural address. Rothschild finds that in addition to the many explicit references to God, Bush’s speech contained even more hidden allusions to the Bible. [includes rush transcript]

  • Gore Vidal on Bush’s Inaugural Address: "The Most Un-American Speech I’ve Ever Heard"


    We take a look at President Bush’s inaugural address with Gore Vidal, one of America’s most respected writers and thinkers and the author of more than 20 novels and 5 plays. Vidal says, "If the United States does go abroad to slay dragons in the name of freedom, liberty and so on, she could become dictatress of the world, but in the process she would lose her soul." [includes rush transcript]

  • Women and Science: A Look at Harvard Pres. Larry Summers


    Harvard University president Lawrence Summers created a firestorm earlier this month for claiming that women have less innate scientific ability than men. We speak with the Nancy Hopkins, the MIT professor who walked out of Summers’ speech as well as Dave Targan, the Dean of Science Programs at Brown University. [includes rush transcript]