Monday, December 19, 2005

  • An Impeachable Offense? Bush Admits Authorizing NSA to Eavesdrop on Americans Without Court Approval


    President Bush has admitted he secretly ordered the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans without ever seeking court approval. Famed constitutional attorney Martin Garbus and former intelligence officer Christopher Pyle both say it is an impeachable offense. We also speak with investigative journalist James Bamford about the history of the NSA. Plus, The New York Times exposed the story, but why did they hold it for more than a year? [includes rush transcript]

  • Leftist Union Leader Evo Morales Poised to Become First Indigenous President of Bolivia


    In Bolivia, union leader Evo Morales has claimed a stunning victory in Sunday’s presidential elections. Exit polls show Morales won just over 50% of the vote–giving him the greatest political mandate that any Bolivian president has had in decades. Morales would become the country’s first indigenous head of state. He has vowed to increase state controls over Bolivia’s key gas resources and to protect coca plantations. We go to Bolivia for a report. [includes rush transcript]

  • WTO Talks Close with Partial Trade Agreement, Over 900 Protesters Arrested in Hong Kong


    The World Trade Organization wrapped up its six-day ministerial meeting on Sunday with a partial trade agreement. On Saturday police arrested 900 protesters during widespread protests on the streets of Hong Kong led by farmers, peasants and union members. We go to Hong Kong for a report. [includes rush transcript]

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