Friday, December 2, 2005

  • World AIDS Day: A Look at the Fight Against the Global Pandemic


    The 18th annual World AIDS Day was observed yesterday around the theme "Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise." The World Health Organization estimates that 3.1 million people worldwide will die of AIDS this year including 500,000 children and a recent UN AIDS report showed that the number of people living with HIV has topped 40 million for the first time. We speak with the Center for Health and Gender Equity. [includes rush transcript]

  • CDC: AIDS the Leading Cause of Death Among African American Women Aged 25-44


    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68% of women who contract AIDS are black. The CDC also reported AIDS was a leading cause of death among black women ages 25 to 44. We speak with the National Coalition of One Hundred Black Women. [includes rush transcript]

  • Hampton Univ. Students Face Disciplinary Action for Anti-Bush Walkout


    Seven students at Hampton University in Virginia face disciplinary action for staging a walkout during the World Can’t Wait day of action against the Bush administration one month ago. Shortly before they appear before a disciplanary hearing today, we speak with one of the walkout’s main organizers. [includes rush transcript]

  • NYU Grad Student Strike: A Debate On the Rights of Students to Unionize


    The New York University graduate student strike has entered its 24th day. On November 9th, some of the school’s graduate student teaching and research assistants went on strike in an effort to force the school to recognize the graduate student union. We host a debate between Michael Palm, chair of the student union, and Paul Boghossian, professor of philosophy who is representing the administration. [includes rush transcript]