Friday, June 10, 2005

  • New Bolivian President Sworn in After Weeks of Mass Rebellion


    The head of Bolivia’s Supreme Court, Eduardo Rodriguez, was sworn in as president after a day marked by massive protest and widespread fears of a bloodbath or a civil war. The situation in the country remains tense but many believe that the worst-case scenario has been avoided. Earlier this week, President Carlos Mesa resigned amid massive protest against his government, giving the right-wing head of the Bolivian Senate, Hormando Vaca Diez an opportunity to take power as his constitutional successor. But Vaca Diez declined the post after protesters blockaded parliament to prevent his appointment. We go to Cochabamba to speak with Bolivia analyst, Jim Shultz and we speak with Bolivian researcher and activist, Marcela Olivera as well as Tom Hayden. [includes rush transcript]

  • Anti-Sweatshop Activist and Chief Nicaragua Negotiator on CAFTA Debate Central America Free Trade


    We host a debate on the U.S.-backed Central American Free Trade Agreement between veteran anti-sweatshop activist Charles Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee and Nicaragua’s chief negotiator on CAFTA, Carlos Sequeira. [includes rush transcript]