Monday, June 20, 2005

  • Iran Presidential Race Heads to Unprecedented Runoff in Election Marred by Fraud Allegations


    Allegations of vote rigging and fraud mar presidential elections in Iran that pit a hardline mayor against a former president in an unprecedented run-off election. We speak with veteran Middle East journalist Dilip Hiro and Iranian-American writer Roya Hakakian. Her family supported the 1979 revolution, then fled. [includes rush transcript]

  • Bush’s Environment Chief: From the Oil Lobby to the White House to ExxonMobil


    The Bush administration worked behind the scenes altering White House and G8 documents to downplay the impact of climate change. White House Council on Environmental Quality chief of staff Philip Cooney repeatedly edited government climate reports. He used to work for the American Petroleum Institute and now he’s left the White House to work for ExxonMobil. We speak to the New York Times reporter who broke the story. [includes rush transcript]