Wednesday, October 25, 2006

  • Green Politics: Green Party Excluded From Mid-Term Debates


    We spend the hour on Green politics and how third party candidates are being blocked from taking part in debates. We begin in New York, where the League of Women Voters has withdrawn its sponsorship of three debates in New York because Green Party candidates were excluded from participation. We’re joined by Green Party Senate Candidate Howie Hawkins and League of Women Voters analyst Betsey Swan. [includes rush transcript]

  • Green Politics: Anti-War House Candidate Michael Berg on His Debate Lock-Out in Delaware and How His Son’s Death in Iraq Led to His Candidacy


    We turn to Delaware and the race for the state’s one House seat. Green Party nominee Michael Berg is the father of Nicholas Berg, the 26-year-old American who was captured and beheaded in Iraq in May 2004. Michael Berg joins us to talk about his exclusion from the debates, and how his son’s murder influenced his decision to run for office. [includes rush transcript]

  • Green Politics: Pennsylvania Greens Take GOP Donations in Ballot Drive


    Newly released campaign finance documents have revealed the Luzerne County Green Party in Pennsylvania has been receiving money from a most unlikely source — prominent Republicans. We speak with the reporter who helped break the story. [includes rush transcript]

  • Green Politics: Anti-War Washington Senatorial Candidate Says Dems Tried to Bribe Him Not to Run


    The Green Party nominee for Senate in Washington is Aaron Dixon. Last week, Dixon was arrested at a local television station for entering the lobby and demanding that he be included in a televised debates between his Democratic and Republican opponents. Dixon talks about his arrest, and says Democratic representatives tried to bribe him to drop out of the race. [includes rush transcript]