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Monday, October 30, 2006

  • Report from Oaxaca: Federal Police Do Not Have Control of the City


    Mexican President Vicente Fox has sent in thousands of federal police to Oaxaca to crush the popular uprising there. We go to Oaxaca to speak with Gustavo Esteva, founder of the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca. Esteva says, "The police can come and occupy with all their weapons and tanks. They can occupy one area, they can occupy one specific point, but they cannot control the city. They cannot take over our lives and our country." [includes rush transcript]

  • Brad Will 1970-2006: Friends Remember Indymedia Journalist and Activist Killed in Oaxaca


    Mourners gathered outside the Mexican consulate in New York on Saturday to pay tribute to journalist and activist Brad Will. He was shot dead in Oaxaca Mexico on Friday. He died with his camera in his hands. We speak with some of Brad’s friends and colleagues who remember his lifetime of activism. [includes rush transcript]

  • Brad Will In His Own Words: Archival Footage of Slain Journalist and Activist Discussing the Importance of Community Media and the Struggle Against NYC Demolition of a Lower East Side Squat


    We turn to some archival footage of Brad Will, the U.S. journalist and activist shot dead in Oaxaca on Friday. We play a recording of Brad from the late 1990s at a time when he hosted a radio show on the pioneering microradio station "Steal This Radio" and a recording of Brad talking about efforts to prevent New York City from demolishing a squat on the Lower East Side. [includes rush transcript]

  • David Rovics Pays Tribute to Fellow Musician and Friend Brad Will


    Musician David Rovics, pays tribute to his friend, Brad Will, the U.S. journalist and activist shot dead in Oaxaca on Friday. Rovics says, "For those of us alive today who had the honor of being one of Brad’s large circle of friends, his memory will be with us painfully, deeply, lovingly, until we all join him beneath the ground — hopefully only after each of us has managed to have the kind of impact on each other, on the movement, and the world that Brad surely had in his short 36 years." [includes rush transcript]