Tuesday, October 31, 2006

  • Hacking Democracy: New Documentary Exposes Vulnerability of Electronic Voting Machines


    The mid-term elections are one week away–will your vote be counted? A new HBO documentary exposes the vulnerability of electronic voting machines. The film follows investigative journalist Bev Harris as she investigates the security and accuracy of electronic voting systems. Harris joins in our firehouse studio. [includes rush transcript]

  • Vote Suppression in 2006: Rule Changes Threaten to Disenfranchise Hundreds of Thousands of Eligible Voters


    Experts say new computerized voter lists and new rules regarding voter registration and ID requirements have the potential to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. We speak with the Brennan Center for Justice that has a new report detailing the ways in which the vote could be suppressed in several states next week. [includes rush transcript]

  • Will a Shocking New GOP Court Victory and Karl Rove’s Attack on Ohio in 2006 Doom the Democrats Nationwide?


    On Sunday in Ohio, a judge put on hold a decision that suspended the state’s new voter identification law. We speak with political science professor Bob Fitrakis and independent journalist Harvey Wasserman who say this law imposes a series of draconian requirements for voter ID that are more difficult to fulfill by the poor, homeless and elderly–all constituents who tend to vote Democratic. [includes rush transcript]

  • Green Party Senatorial Candidate in Penn. Defends Receiving GOP Funding in Failed Ballot Drive


    We speak with Green Party senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli about his failed attempt to get his name on the ballot in Pennsylvania. The state’s restrictive ballot access laws required Romanelli to get over 67,000 signatures on his nominating petition compared to just 2,000 for the major party candidates. We also ask about the funding Romanelli received in his ballot drive, which came from an unlikely source–prominent Republicans. [includes rush transcript]