Wednesday, November 22, 2006

  • Giuliana Sgrena on the Ouster of Italy’s Intelligence Chief for Involvement in CIA Kidnapping of Sheikh


    Italy’s chief of military intelligence has been dismissed for allegedly helping the CIA kidnap an Islamic cleric off the streets of Milan three years ago. We go to Rome to speak with Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist with the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. She made international headlines last year when she herself was kidnapped in Iraq and nearly died when U.S. forces opened fire on the car she was riding in after her release.[includes rush transcript]

  • William Lee Brent 1930-2006: A 1998 Conversation in Havana with the Former Black Panther on His Plane Hijacking, Life in Cuba and Much More


    Former Black Panther William Lee Brent has died at the age of 75. He made headlines in 1969 when he hijacked an Oakland plane and ordered the pilot to fly to Cuba. He was imprisoned in Cuba for two years and would go on to spend the rest of his life there. In 1998, Amy Goodman traveled to Havana and interviewed Brent. We play excerpts. [includes rush transcript]

  • Will You Die With Me? My Life and the Black Panther Party


    Flores Forbes first joined the Black Panther Party when he was 16 years old. He became the youngest member of the Black Panther’s Central Committee and ended up spending nearly five years in prison for an attempted assassination. Flores is now chief strategic officer of the Abyssinian Development Corporation in Harlem. His new memoir is called "Will You Die With Me? My Life and the Black Panther Party." He joins us in our firehouse studio. [includes rush transcript]