Tuesday, December 5, 2006

  • Bolton Resigns As UN Ambassador Ending Controversial 16-Month Term


    John Bolton resigned as Ambassador to the United Nations on Monday ending a controversial 16-month term. In August 2005, Bolton was a given temporary recess appointment after he failed to be confirmed by the Senate. Last month President Bush re-nominated Bolton but a number of Democratic and Republican Senators announced they would not back his confirmation. We speak with UN expert Phyllis Bennis. [includes rush transcript]

  • Robert Gates’ Former CIA Branch Chief and a CIA Analyst Who Testified Against Him on the Politicization of Intel During Iran-Contra


    Robert Gates, President Bush’s nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense is facing his Senate confirmation hearings today. We speak with two former CIA analysts who worked with Gates at the Agency. Ray McGovern was Gates’ CIA branch chief in the early 1970s and Jennifer Glaudemans is a former CIA analyst who was asked to testify at the 1991 confirmation hearings for Gates when he had been nominated to be CIA Director. [includes rush transcript]

  • Top Cuban Official Ricardo Alarcon on Castro’s Condition and Cuba’s Future


    Cuba is coming off the week-long celebration of the eightieth birthday of President Fidel Castro. Castro’s birthday was in August but celebrations were delayed after Castro fell ill with an unspecified intestinal condition. We play an exclusive interview with Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban National Assembly speaking about Castro’s condition and Cuba’s future. [includes rush transcript]

  • Fidel Up Close: Filmmaker Jon Alpert on His Many Encounters With Castro Over the Past 30 Years


    We speak with award-winning filmmaker Jon Alpert about his many encounters with Castro over the past 30 years and play excerpts from Alpert’s 1979 trip with Castro when he accompanied the Cuban leader on his historic trip to address the UN General Assembly here in New York. [includes rush transcript]