Thursday, May 4, 2006

  • Jury Rejects Death Penalty for Moussaoui in Major Defeat for Bush Administration


    Zacarias Moussaoui–the only person charged in this country in connection to the 9/11 attacks–has been sentenced to life in jail without parole. The verdict marked a major blow the Bush administration who were seeking the death penalty. We play an excerpt of an interview with Moussaoui’s mother, Aicha, in the months after his arrest and we talk to Phyllis Rodriguez, who lost her son on Sept. 11th in the World Trade Center. [includes rush transcript]

  • Two Immigrants Who Followed the Path to Citizenship Tell Stories of Detention and Deportation


    As mass immigrant rights demonstrations rock the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been conducting widespread deportation raids and immigration roundups. We speak with two young immigrant women who tried to follow the path to citizenship and were subsequently jailed. One of them was deported and has been separated from her three year-old son. [includes rush transcript]

  • A Look Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons


    Undocumented immigrants are one of the largest growing populations being detained by the U.S government. We look at the issue of immigration detention, focusing on the treatment of immigrant detainees, the trend towards privatization of detention centers and the policies behind it all. [includes rush transcript]