Thursday, June 1, 2006

  • Is U.S. AIDS Policy Undermining the Global Fight Against the Disease?


    The United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS opened on Wednesday. Protesters gathered outside the UN building in New York City to calling on world leaders to fulfill their commitments to fighting AIDS and accused the Bush administration of undermining the international drive against the disease in its global AIDS policy. We speak with David Bryden of the Global AIDS Alliance. [includes rush transcript]

  • Pills Profits Protest: A Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement


    A excerpt of the documentary "Pills Profits Protest: Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement." The film examines the international grassroots response to the AIDS crisis and takes an in-depth look at the battle for access to HIV treatment among the poorest and most marginalized communities around the world. [includes rush transcript]

  • A Debate on the Role of Pharmaceutical Companies and Access to HIV Treatment in the Developing World


    We look at the issue of H.I.V and AIDS by examining the role of pharmaceutical companies and access to treatment. Last week, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution that would increase pressure on companies, governments and the WHO to reform the system for producing and distributing drugs in developing nations. [includes rush transcript]

  • Colombia Re-Elects Bush Ally Alvaro Uribe


    On Sunday, Colombia’s president Alvaro Uribe was re-elected to a second term by winning 62 percent of the vote. For the Bush administration Uribe’s victory marks a rare bright moment in Latin America where a series of left-wing candidates have won recent elections. We speak with journalist and author Mario Murillo. [includes rush transcript]