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Thursday, July 13, 2006

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  • Haitian Death Squad Leader Arrested in US–For Mortgage Fraud


    Former Haitian death squad leader, Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, who now lives in New York, was arrested last week for taking part in mortgage fraud. During the early 1990s, Constant led the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, or FRAPH. Human rights groups estimate FRAPH killed thousands of supporters of Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. [includes rush transcript]

  • 'Meet Me in Fort Lewis'–Protests Planned for Army Specialist Who Went AWOL After Charging Sexual Harassment


    Army Specialist Suzanne Swift remains confined to base. She went AWOL when the military did not address her charges of sexual harassment and abuse. We take a look at sexual harassment in the military. [includes rush transcript]

  • Spy or Risk Green Card: How the Bush Administration 'Recruits' Muslim Informants


    We take a look at a largely covert aspect of the Bush administration’s War on Terror–the government’s aggressive solicitation of Muslim informants. We speak with Banafsheh Akhlaghi, the attorney for Yassine Ouassif–who had his Green Card confiscated and was asked by the FBI to be an informant in the Muslim community in San Francisco. [includes rush transcript]

  • Israel Launches Heaviest Bombing of Lebanon in 24 Years; Airport Attacked, Over 40 Civilians Killed


    Israel has launched its heaviest bombing of Lebanon in 24 years following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. Three Israeli rockets hit runways at Beirut airport, forcing it to close. Israeli ships have entered Lebanese water to block ports. More than 20 bridges were targeted, causing heavy damage. Up to 47 civilians, including over 15 children were killed in the attacks. [includes rush transcript]