Wednesday, September 20, 2006

  • UN General Assembly Hears Bush, Ahmadinejad Trade Criticism


    Speaking from the same lectern within hours of each other, President Bush and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traded criticism at the opening session of the UN General Assembly. This year’s agenda for 192 UN member states includes trying to promote Mideast peace, curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, get UN peacekeepers into conflict-wracked Darfur, and promote democracy. We speak with UN specialist Phyllis Bennis. [includes rush transcript]

  • Thai Military Leaders Stage Military Coup


    In Thailand, military leaders have staged a bloodless coup, suspending the constitution and declaring martial law. We go to the capital Bangkok to get reaction on the ground. [includes rush transcript]

  • Why Did the FCC Bury Studies on Media Consolidation?


    The Federal Communications Commission has ordered an investigation into why two reports that called into question media consolidation were never released to the public. Both reports have come to light in just the last week. A former FCC lawyer says top agency officials ordered staff to destroy every last copy of one of the studies. [includes rush transcript]

  • One Day After Complete Exoneration, Maher Arar Yet to Receive Apology From Canada, US for Year-Long Imprisonment, Torture in Syrian Jail


    Canada and the US are refusing to apologize to Maher Arar despite his exoneration by a Canadian government inquiry. The Syrian-born Canadian was detained nearly four years ago by U.S. authorities at JFK airport and was sent to Syria where he was jailed for a year and repeatedly tortured. Maher Arar joins us with his reaction. [includes rush transcript]