Wednesday, September 27, 2006

  • Iraq War Veteran Plans A Protest Walk Across Utah, the Reddest State in the Country


    Army reservist Sergeant Marshall Thompson spent a year in Iraq working as a military journalist. He reported from across Iraq, interviewing thousands of US soldiers. Now back home in his native Utah, he is planning a 500-mile walk across the state to protest the war and call for a withdrawal of US troops. [includes rush transcript]

  • An Interfaith Discussion On War and Fundamentalism


    As we broadcast from Denver, Colorado Democracy Now speaks to Ibrahim Kazerooni, a Muslim imam who fled Iraq in the 1970s, and Robert Prince, a Jewish professor and community leader. Both guests have been working for peace from within their communities. [includes rush transcript]

  • Ward Churchill Defends His Academic Record & Vows to Fight to Keep His Job at University of Colorado


    We speak to the well-known academic and writer Ward Churchill about his future at the University of Colorado and academic freedom. A University panel recently determined that Churchill plagiarized and fabricated material in his scholarship and recommended his dismissal. Colorado Governor Bill Owens has called for his resignation. [includes rush transcript]

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