Wednesday, September 6, 2006

  • Mexico Court Declares Calderon Winner of Disputed Election, Lopez Obrador Vows to Form Parallel Gov’t


    On Tuesday, Mexico’s top electoral court declared conservative candidate Felipe Calderon the winner of the disputed presidential elections. This ruling comes two months after voters first cast their ballots in Mexico’s closest race ever. Rival candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he will never recognize Calderon’s victory and has vowed to form a parallel government. We go to Mexico City for a report. [includes rush transcript]

  • Father Recounts Burning Marine Van and Himself After Learning of Son’s Death in Iraq


    When Marines came to Carlos Arredondo’s home two years ago to inform him that his son had been killed in Iraq, he destroyed their van in a frenzy and accidentally set it, as well as himself, on fire, burning 30% of his body. Carlos Arredondo is now heading to Washington DC to join protesters at "Camp Democracy." We speak with Carlos Arredondo and his wife, Melida. [includes rush transcript]

  • Robert Fisk on Lebanon: "The Ceasefire Can’t Work"


    We speak with Robert Fisk, the chief Middle East correspondent for the London Independent about the UN-brokered ceasefire in Lebanon. Fisk says, "The cease-fire can’t work for all kinds of reasons...The UN are not going to block the Syrian border, the Lebanese army has to do it and they’re not going to be able to–you can’t–Syria is too big a country." [includes rush transcript]