Friday, January 5, 2007

  • With New Congressional Majority, Should Democrats Focus on Domestic Agenda as Bush Escalates Iraq War?


    With the opening day of the 110th Congress, Democrats took control of the House and Senate for the first time in 12 years. They’ve outlined an ambitious domestic agenda for their first 100 hours in power, including raising the minimum wage and negotiating lower prescription drug prices for Medicare recipients. Peace activists are criticizing the Democrats for not focusing on Iraq amid the Bush administration’s plans for a troop surge. We host a debate between peace mom Cindy Sheehan and Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America’s Future. [includes rush transcript]

  • FBI Documents Reveal Nixon, Reagan Intimidated Rehnquist Witnesses, and Detail the Late Chief Justice’s Addiction to Painkillers


    Newly released FBI documents reveal how the Nixon and Reagan administrations used the FBI to intimidate witnesses set to testify against the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist at his confirmation hearings. The documents also reveal Rehnquist’s dependency on pain medication once led him to try to escape a hospital stay in his pajamas after convincing himself of a CIA plot against his life. We speak with the reporter who broke the story. [includes rush transcript]

  • Zapatistas, Internationals Gather for Meeting of the Zapatista Villages with the Peoples of the World


    Democracy Now! producer Elizabeth Press files a report from the southern Mexico state of Chiapas, where thousands of Zapatistas and their supporters gathered last weekend for what was described as a Meeting of the Zapatista Villages with the Peoples of the World. [includes rush transcript]

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    Juan González on How Puerto Rico’s Economic "Death Spiral" is Tied to Legacy of Colonialism
    Could Puerto Rico become America’s Greece? That’s a question many are asking as the island faces a devastating financial crisis and a rapidly crumbling healthcare system. Puerto Rico owes $72 billion in debt. $355 million in debt payments are due December 1, but it increasingly looks like the U.S. territory may default on at least some of the debt. Congress has so far failed to act on an Obama administration proposal that includes extending bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico and allocating more equitable Medicaid and Medicare...


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