Friday, February 23, 2007

  • Human Rights Groups Call for Closure of Texas Jail Holding Undocumented Immigrants


    Human rights groups are calling for the U.S. government to shut down a jail in Texas where about 200 immigrant children, some only infants, are being detained. The Hutto facility in Taylor, Texas, is owned by the private prison company, Corrections Corporations of America. We speak to an immigrant rights advocate who visited the center and an attorney for families being held in Texas immigration detention centers. [includes rush transcript]

  • "I Want To Be Free": 9-Year-Old Canadian Citizen Pleads from Texas Immigration Jail


    Majid and his nine-year-old son Kevin are Iranian immigrants currently being held at the Hutto detention center. They’ve been forcibly detained since their plane was forced made an emergency landing in Puerto Rico as they made their way to Canada. Kevin says: "I want to be free. I want go to outside. I want to go home to Canada." [includes rush transcript]

  • Hundreds Protest NYU Republicans’ "Find the Illegal Immigrant" Game


    Hundreds of people gathered at New York University on Thursday to protest a game called "Find the Illegal Immigrant" organized by the school’s Republican club. Democracy Now! was there to speak with students on both sides. [includes rush transcript]

  • Raymondville: Inside the Largest Immigration Prison Camp in the U.S.


    The largest immigrant prison camp is in Raymondville, Texas. Some 2,000 undocumented immigrants are currently being held in the prison awaiting deportation. We speak with Jodi Goodwin, an immigration lawyer representing a number of immigrants being held there. [includes rush transcript]