Thursday, April 26, 2007

  • AIDS Activists Call for Global Boycott of Abbott for Withholding Drug Sales in Thailand


    AIDS activists from around the globe are converging in Illinois on Friday to protest outside the annual shareholders meeting of the pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories. Abbott manufactures several leading AIDS drugs but has been embroiled in controversy over its actions in Thailand, where it moved to withhold medicines from the country over a commercial dispute. [includes rush transcript]

  • Washington Goes Pink: Peace Group CodePink Makes Its Presence Known on Capitol Hill


    You may have seen them on TV recently — women dressed in pink protesting at a congressional hearing, maybe crashing a press conference or unfurling a banner on the steps of the Capitol. They’re called CodePink, a women’s grassroots peace movement that is working to end the war in Iraq. And they’re making their presence known in Washington. We speak with the group’s founder, Medea Benjamin. [includes rush transcript]

  • Cheney Facing Widespread Opposition at BYU Commencement Address


    Dick Cheney is heading to Utah today to give a commencement address at one of the most conservative schools in the country — Brigham Young University. More than 3,000 students, professors and alumni at the Mormon school have signed a petition to oppose the selection. We speak with a BYU graduate student. [includes rush transcript]

  • Students at Univ. of Maryland Lead "Hungry for Peace" Fast to Protest War


    Students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, are beginning a five-day fast on Monday to protest the war in Iraq. The action is being dubbed Hungry for Peace. Several other campuses are staging similar fasts. [includes rush transcript]